Patient management

Effective and easy to use tools to manage patient records. Everything you need is available at a glance including Demographic, Clinical and Financial data.

- Complete ledger.
- Patient's payments and adjustments.
- Insurance management.
- Enhanced Electronic Medical Record.
- Easy to use prescription writer.
- Visual medical alerts and warnings.
- Image Management.
- Full history of patient appointments.
- Patient referral in and out management.


Modern and easy to use scheduler that allow user to manage patient appointments to save your time and avoid any conflicts.

With a simple color coding system you can easily identify appointments status. Improve your productivity through ASAP feature to fill in the canceled appointment blocks.

- Multiple Views (Day, Week, Month, Agenda) view.
- Appointments synchronization with Android and iOS calendars.
- Customized working hours for each day.
- ASAP features to fill in canceled appointments.
- Multiple appointments status color indicators.
- Drag and Drop capability.


Intuitive 3D dental charting and treatment planning. Easily add procedures, conditions, and clinical notes. With the ability to manage patient Images and Lab cases in the same place.

- 3D dental charting.
- Primary & permanent teeth charting.
- Visual Treatment Planner.
- Distribute treatment plan's procedures over visits.
- Manage clinical notes.
- Communicate with X-Ray bridges.
- Automatic generation of lab cases.


Patient relationship management is a suite of features that will help you stay in touch with your patients even when the office is closed, improving attendance rates, increase revenues and maintain customer loyalty through deeper engagement.

- SMS with your clinic name.
- Marketing Campaigns.
- Appointment reminders.
- Automatic and manual communication.
- Multiple email/sms predefined templates.
- Personalized messages.

Digital Imaging

With the ability to manage treatment plans and digital images from one place your life will be hassle free. Now you can integrate and communicate with many intraoral cameras, dental x-rays sensors and dental panorama.

- Integration with dental x-rays sensors.
- Image capture from connected intraoral cameras.
- Ability to Scan images and documents.
- Import images from your computer.
- Comprehensive Image processing tools.


- Monitor all your expenses from all categories ( lab,materials and so on ).
- Get your Cash flow movement anytime.
- Manage and monitor dentists’ financial productivity.
- Manage receivables from both cash and insurance.
- Manage insurance claims issuing and payments.

Analytics & Dashboard

DentaLore comes with a advanced suite of built-in reports and graphs, providing you with invaluable information on every aspect of your practice. Organized view of your practice’s production and financial data.

- Reports that cover all clinic aspects (Patients, Financials and Scheduling).
- Multiple dashboards (General, Provider and Analytic).
- Advanced Reports that provide information analysis.
- Ability to export data into multiple formats.

Why Dentalore !!

+ User Friendly With Multi Language Support
+ Manage Your Clinic Time Efficiently
+ Increase Your Revenues
+ Highest Data Security
+ Fast Technical Support
+ Free Updates
+ No Need For IT Staff

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